Client Testimonials

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We could not be more pleased – and honored – to share some of our client’s experiences after going through our neurofeedback program. Words truly can’t express the feeling associated with helping others improve their lives!

“Steve and his staff have been extremely helpful as I made the decision to try neurofeedback.  He has helped me understand how it works and it has been a great customer experience.  Aside from the great atmosphere and staff, neurofeedback has greatly improved my ability to focus, has helped me with emotional stability as well as I now think before I make a decision.  I highly recommend BrainTraining of Hampton Roads for anyone making the consideration.  Thank you Steve!”

Andy H.

“The change in my daughter after only 25 sessions has been remarkable. She dropped out of college, was withdrawn, unattached to anyone, fearful of life and in a very dark place. After being diagnosed by Amen Brain Clinic with PTSD we knew where her brain was “disconnected.” Steve and BrainTraining of Hampton Roads was able to create a Neurofeedback program that addressed exactly where she was hurting the most and miracle of all miracles she was so improved she happily went back to school this semester. Amazing, really.”

C. D.

“This was extremely helpful for my anxiety and distraction. Steve is helpful and knowledgeable and uses incredible technology to observe brainwaves and how they are imbalanced which can lead to increased anxiety and attention disorders. I saw amazing improvement in just 3 months”.

Carly S.

“As a Fibromyalgia sufferer and graduate student, I was at my wits end dealing with brain fog, memory problems, the inability to focus, and anxiety. I came to BrainTraining of Hampton Roads out of desperation and it has made a tremendous difference in my quality of life. I can think clearly, my ability to focus and stay focused has improved, and my anxiety levels have dropped drastically. I also usually get at least one debilitating pain flare up in the spring and this spring that didn’t happen! I have even been able to reduce the amount of medication I take. I wish I had tried this sooner! I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from Fibromyalgia.”

Lindsay T.

“My daughter had very high anxiety to the point where she would get up several times in the evening, constantly waking us up because she would get scared about the smallest thing or because her mind was simply overactive about something that would keep her awake. Since she’s been working with BrainTraining of Hampton Roads she has started to slow her brain down, talking through her issues and learning to deal with them. She is now sleeping through the night after eight years of not being able to do so and is a much happier child.”

Stacie S.

“BrainTraining of Hampton Roads has been a tremendous blessing to my family. After many stressful events my three-year old was showing signs of secondary trauma. I was disheartened to see the change in my little boy, however, neurofeedback provided hope along with great results. My son was less agitated and aggressive. His focus increased while meltdowns decreased. He slept better. It was once again pleasant to interact with him. The difference neurofeedback made was incredible. I highly recommend BrainTraining of Hampton Roads and am thankful for the results we experienced.”

Sarah L.

“I cannot thank BrainTraining of Hampton Roads enough for the help they provided for my son. He suffers from Asperger’s and behavior issues. I’m a single mom with two sons; it was a lot of stress on our family to deal with my son’s attitude, disciplinary calls from school, his constant growling and refusal to comply with very easy requests.
We went through the testing and the initial set of sessions with BrainTraining. My son’s behavior improved significantly. He was no longer growling at me and he was turning into the happier kid that I knew before. We will definitely be returning to do more sessions. I hope to see even more improvement.”

Regan K.

“What a huge turnaround my son has made since working with BrainTraining of Hampton Roads for his anxiety! Everything from being more outgoing in classes, gregarious with his friends and teammates, to just in general smiling and laughing more. I am thrilled to see that he is also focusing on short term and long-term goals, getting in the habit of writing specific goals down before golf matches. It fills my cup to see him coming into this comfort and confident zone.”

Catie N.

“My son has been a patient of BrainTraining of Hampton Roads for 4 months. He is now age 20 and has been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, ODD, depression and anxiety. For the past 9 years we have been to psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists with varying techniques. There were some times we could see an improvement, but nothing close to the changes we have seen with neurofeedback. We can now have actual conversations without the screaming and door slamming. My son actually told me he could tell something was different now that he is able to stop and think before reacting. The changes have far exceeded our best expectations. We will now continue with the hope of being able to reduce and/or eliminate certain medications. We are forever grateful.”

Bridget L.