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Hi, I’m Steve Kapusta, Certified Neurofeedback technician, business owner and brain optimization health specialist. A few years ago my life was changed that put me on a path that has allowed me to help many people break free from the struggle, symptoms and labels that come with brain dis-regulation. Today I want to help you or the ones you love do the same thing too.

You see, for years, I was working in the traditional business world, dedicated to helping people with their specialty insurance needs.  I loved my job and my clients but I felt like there was something more I was meant to do.

It was by total coincidence that I stumbled upon a breakthrough story about a Mom on a mission to help her child with ADHD and learning disabilities.  Her story of how her son was written off, labeled a “bad kid” and told he had to be put on medication to her wasn’t ok. Even worse, she knew her son was “in there” – trapped in his own brain and she was going to do whatever it took to get him back.  She found Neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback is an FDA approved technology that was discovered more than 60 years ago. It specifically re balances and optimizes the function of the brain.

I sat there inspired, moved and wondering why hadn’t her doctors told her about Neurofeedback?  I went on my own mission to learn and learn I did.  I heard story after story, read research report after report on how Neurofeedback, a natural, non invasive, drugless modality had helped  thousands and thousands of people suffering with brain based conditions ranging from ADHD and Anxiety to PTSD, Insomnia and Traumatic Brain Injury.

I knew, I was ready to bring this life-changing technology to as many people as possible – this was my calling; to become a Certified Neurofeedback technician and business owner.  Since that time, I have had the honor of helping many children and adults alike break free from unresolved symptoms, decrease medication dependency (and in some cases eliminate it completely) and reclaim their life all through Neurofeedback.  Research is one thing, but seeing these results first hand has again changed my own life!

My team and I take a different approach. We don’t treat, we don’t diagnose, we don’t manage, we work with YOU and use natural, safe and FDA approved technology that retrains your brain back to an optimal state of function.  When the brainwaves are restored to a normalized pattern, the brain is able to better communicate and function with the body while enjoying a more optimal response to all outside stressors.

It’s like going to the gym for your brain.  New connections are made, new pathways are developed and the brain becomes more balanced and optimized allowing health and performance to be restored.

It’s science – It works – It can help you too!.

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